Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Les manuels d'Histoire et la représentation de l'autre : un impact sociétal

Wikipedia Commons

 « Notre volonté, c’est qu’au terme de ses études, chaque étudiant du secondaire ait au minimum été confronté à l’histoire de la colonisation et de la décolonisation au Congo. Mais aussi à celle d’un autre pays ’à la carte’, en fonction du public scolaire. »

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Getting the balance right

“Pick me!” “No, pick me!” – When walking through a supermarket, all the products seem to be fighting for your attention, and not a marketing trick is left unused in order to try and get you to buy the product. Oftentimes, these marketing strategies are applied to rather unhealthy (ultra-) transformed products, rather than for healthy foods. And then there's also all the information (especially online) about fad diets, and superfoods. So what should we choose, and what is healthy or not?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Looking back, predicting the future

Real-estate agents try to profit from the controversial candidates. 
Image source: fox13now.com

The morning after the Brexit vote in June, I woke up and went online to see the results. I wasn’t really worried and frankly looking forward to getting this over with. For me, it was a question of common sense that our fellow Europeans should vote “remain”. Unless you live without any access to modern or traditional media (in which case you would not be reading this) you know that I was wrong.