Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Are there “leftover women” in China?

What do you think the people are doing in the picture above? Parents are choosing the right partners for their children, commonly known as a ‘blind date’. The concept of blind dates may be presented in different ways all over the world, but it’s an effective way in China that parents select a good marriage partner for their children, amongst those who are in marriageable age (nowadays its lower limit is becoming smaller). In recent years, blind dates have become very popular, which has a very close relationship with the popular words “leftover women” & “leftover men” for those up for the processed of blind dating as portrayed in the picture. Today’s society is still basically a male-dominated society and therefore the amount of ridicule that these so-called ‘leftover men’ have to deal with is smaller than for ‘leftover women’.  This article mainly talks about the phenomenon of “leftover women” and psychological reasons of leftover women formation.